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Making your message stick is no joke. But just because what you’re saying is serious doesn’t mean it should be straight-faced.

When people smile, they’re engaged. And it’s smiles that get shared. At Twist & Shout, we entertain to inform.



Twist and Shout was founded in 1993, a time when mobile communications involved some string and a couple of baked bean tins. Even then we knew making people laugh was the key to getting them engaged. Nothing has changed except some extremely naughty editing technology.

  • Jim’s book, a love letter to the creative community, is here. “I tell people I have the best job in the world. I work with funny, talented people, and cool tech toys. I get to laugh every day for a living. How cool is that?”

    Jim Shields
    UK Creative Director
  • Karen has the eye-wateringly difficult job of keeping Jim out of trouble. She’s also the beating heart of the Twist and Shout social scene, organising all of our team-building activities. She’s actually a trained glass-blower and has a side hustle in fashion design.

    Karen Kane
    Executive Assistant
  • Rob serves as the U.S. Creative Director and coordinates North American production. When scripting, he transcribes the voices in his head and hopes they have a good grasp on the message at hand.

    Rob McCollum
    US Creative Director
  • Rich is our Media Producer. “Movies have the power to change the world. They inspire, educate and entertain and I love being a part of that. Plus the challenge of making them is an enormous amount of fun.”

    Richard Leverton
    Director of Media Production
  • Henry is our Assistant Editor and would describe his role as “frequently spinning plates”… That’s if the plates were made out of Final Cut and Photoshop files.

    Henry Lavender
    Assistant Editor
  • James is our Associate Director and James has the amazing job of finding and working with the incredible talent that brings our stories to life. It’s a role where he wears many hats, whether it’s Directing, Producing, Development, Casting or Location scouting.

    James Hissett
    Associate Director
  • Micaiah is a seasoned Producer who’s been “knocking around” on film sets since her early teens. It’s her job to help the pictures in the Director’s head manifest in the real world. She’s a self confessed style freak who’s happiest in her inept yet stylish organic garden.

    Micaiah Dring
  • ‘Production Assistant’; what does it even mean? Well, from graphic design to casting, filming to editing, the boy’s got it all. Plus, he makes a mean cup of tea.

    Dan Robinson
    Production Assistant
  • Nic is the original ‘Twist’ in Twist and Shout. She’s the in-house writer and a firm believer in ‘less is more’. Unless of course you’re talking about tea, and in that case, that is clearly a ridiculous thing to say.

    Nic Ray
    In-House Writer/Script Editor
  • Andy is our Courseware Technologist. Sounds mysterious, but he’s responsible for captioning and getting our stuff in front of customers. As an ex-teacher and e-learning developer, he’ll always weigh in to stop our most unruly behaviour. 

    Andy Crotty
    Courseware Technologist

In 2018, we were commissioned by a Florida based tech company called KnowBe4 to make a Netflix-worthy, eminently bingeable drama about social engineering and information security. While they had no idea where Leicestershire was, let alone say it, we were confident we could respond in style. We had some ‘previous’ with our award-winning infosec and compliance sitcoms ‘Restricted Intelligence’ and ‘Tuesdays with Bernie’, so our creative superbrains got to work and came up with ‘The Inside Man’. As the saying goes, KnowBe4’s CEO Stu Sjouwerman loved the product so much, he bought the company. The rest, as they say, is history. The Inside Man is now on a multi-season arc that rivals only Star Wars in its commitment to emotional family sub-plots and interwoven storylines.

Before then, we worked with these lovely companies…

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Whether you call them employees or end-users we like to think of them as people. Passionate people, loyal people, people who always remember to put the trash out, people who have families and friends and sports teams they love or galleries they visit. People who put pineapple on pizza, and people who don’t. People who remember your birthday. It’s all of us in our lovely, forgetful, loyal diversity. In other words, people who like a laugh along with their compliance / security / social-engineering / information security training. 

We also care a great deal about your Privacy. So if you’re into that kind of thing, here’s where you can find our Privacy Policy and Website Use Policy.