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Making your message stick is no joke. But just because what you’re saying is serious doesn’t mean it should be straight-faced.

When people smile, they’re engaged. And it’s smiles that get shared. At Twist & Shout, we entertain to inform.



Twist & Shout is like a Secret Society that everybody knows about. We had a secret handshake, but we’ve forgotten it, so now we have a secret head nod. A crack team of psychiatric experts have deemed us “Unhinged in the best possible way.” Which is why we continue to circulate amongst the Normals. Who frighten us. We love and respect The Rules, but, we keep breaking them, oops. We’re a humble outfit. In fact, we may be the most humble company ever. Come to think of it, we are absolutely genius when it comes to humility. We’d love to teach the world to sing, but also beat box.

You don’t have to have a sense of humour to work here, but an under-developed sense of seriousness helps. Were you tempted to write your CV in crayon? That’s a plus.

We despise work and avoid it at all costs. We’re just fortunate to have found a hobby that pays. And we’re very passionate about our hobby.

  • Jim’s book, a love letter to the creative community, is here. “I tell people I have the best job in the world. I work with funny, talented people, and cool tech toys. I get to laugh every day for a living. How cool is that?”

    Jim Shields
    UK Creative Director
  • Rob serves as the U.S. Creative Director and coordinates North American production. When scripting, he transcribes the voices in his head and hopes they have a good grasp on the message at hand.

    Rob McCollum
    US Creative Director
  • Rich is our Media Producer. “Movies have the power to change the world. They inspire, educate and entertain and I love being a part of that. Plus the challenge of making them is an enormous amount of fun.”

    Richard Leverton
    Media Producer
  • Production assistant, what does it even mean? Well. Anything from propmaking to location scouting, filming, editing or teamaking. The boy’s got it all.

    James Hissett
    Production Assistant

What do we love more than our clients? Nothing. Maybe icecream. But that’s about it. Also, naps. We love naps more than clients. Other than that, nothing. But also snuggly blankets.

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Deep down, we care about how companies communicate. We know that whether it’s business to business, or business to employee, it’s actually person to person. We also believe that visceral connections work better than any other method of communication. That’s why I can remember a joke from 20 years ago, or when Kate Starling smiled at me at a 6th form disco.

We also care a great deal about your Privacy. So if you’re into that kind of thing, here’s where you can find our Privacy Policy and Website Use Policy.