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Twist & Shout Media
Restricted Intelligence

We’ve been making films about information security for almost ten years, and of course they’ve always been for internal use only. They are about security after all. But from time to time we were asked if we could license some of those films to other companies. We always had to decline, but it got us thinking; what if we made a series that we owned, that covered all the major issues of the day, and that companies could brand to look like their own internal communications, all for a fraction of the cost of a bespoke series? That was the genesis of Restricted Intelligence.

We applied the same principals to this series as we do to all our films; relatable characters, vivid scenarios and personal consequences. We wanted this series to be available to as wide a range of companies as possible, so we are constantly striving to find the perfect mix between being edgy enough to be funny, but not so edgy that your HR department won’t let you run the campaign. Judging from the feedback we’ve received, we’ve found a balance that works for most people.

Now into its third season, this security campaign-in-a-box has been a huge success, launching our sister company Twist and Shout Media and being updated yearly to reflect the most pressing issues of the day.

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