The Risk

Barclays needed help reinforcing super-diligence in 90,000 employees worldwide who deal with the privileged customer information they handle every day.
We decided simply to make them laugh, and make them think. Based around a behind the scenes making of a Security Risk Management Film, we created a genre-skipping film comedy-drama from 'chick flick' via spy thriller to French avant garde.

An award winning parody and a script that hits all the information points without sacrificing the integrity of a great idea. Delivered on DVD, intranet, multi-language versions, posters, postcards, e-mail, & with a film premiere to launch it all.

Along the way the film has had massive success at the SC Awards 2009, ISE 2008 Awards, The Real IT Awards and been highly commended by the IVCA for best direction. It became the Gold Standard in best practice for the internal communication of Information Security.

Supporting Gallery

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